If you’re looking for a sinfully good time this spooky season, you’ll want to hit up this new destination in the city’s west end. Toronto’s Halloween pop-up bar, called The Black Lagoon, is now open for the rest of the month and it’s truly a house of horrors.

Complete with red light fixtures, lit candles, fog machines, and death metal music, the ambiance alone is enough to give you goosebumps. Not to mention the skeletons, vampires, and Grim Reaper-like figures lurking in every corner of the space.

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Photo via Curiocity

You could spend all evening taking in the sinister props and decor displayed throughout the pop-up, including a severed foot in a jar and skeletal remains of all shapes and sizes.

A demonic-looking throne and a giant coffin stand at the back of the bar for you to snap some spooky photos, and if you’re brave enough, you can take a peek through the kitchen window to see their creepiest decoration of all.  The bar also has an outdoor patio with an eerie backdrop for more photo ops.

Photo via Curiocity

Black Lagoon co-founder Kelsey Ramage told Curiocity all about the live entertainment to come over the next few weeks.

Burlesque shows and drag performances will take place at the bar this month, and a tarot card reader will be stationed in the bar’s mysterious back room that will also serve as a boutique selling local oddities. Tarot card readings are free on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Photo via Curiocity

Ramage and her co-founder Erin Hayes also collaborated on the cocktail menu, and it’s safe to say you won’t find creations like these anywhere else in the city.

The most popular beverage, called The Bloodlust, is made with Botanist gin, Amaro Lucano, haskap honey, and lemon. Other cocktails include the Seventh Circle, Eye for an Eye, Descent into Darkness, and Lillith’s Cup, served in a unique cup that you get to take home. For snacks, you can munch on salt and vinegar popcorn, bags of candy, and Courage Cookies.

Photo via Curiocity

No reservations are required to check this place out, you can just show up at the door. But, remember to wear your costume, otherwise, the cover charge is $20. Have a wicked time!

Black Lagoon Halloween Pop-up

Where: 866 Bloor St W
When: October 14th — October 31st