It may not officially be winter yet, but snow is coming, Toronto! If you haven’t looked outside, it is quite dark, with clouds hovering and light showers since morning. Well, if you are planning to drive later, be aware that the weather is changing from rain, and snow is on its way this evening.

According to Environment Canada, a winter weather travel advisory in effect for tonight.

The weather agency say we can expect about 4 to 8 cm of snow in Toronto starting in the evening and into Tuesday morning.

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“Reduced visibility in heavy snow and local blowing snow,” states the advisory, as it describes the weather tonight.

“Rain showers are expected to quickly change to snow this afternoon or evening as colder air moves into southern Ontario. Snow may become heavy at times this evening or overnight. Increasing northwest winds gusting from 50 to 60 km/h may result in localized areas of blowing snow in exposed areas. Travel may be hazardous due to sudden changes in the weather.”

According to the hourly breakdown, snow is expected around 6 pm on Monday.

And although it is 5°C out currently, expect the temperature to drop to -3°C overnight.

After experiencing a pretty “warm” December so far this year, you maybe wondering if there will be snow on Christmas Day. But according to Environment Canada, it’s unlikely.

In an interview with Curiocity last week, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says the “probability of a white Christmas is very low,” and that as of right now there is “no snow in the forecast.”

So far this winter, snowfall has been “below average” with Environment Canada sharing that in the month of November, Toronto only saw 3.2 cm of snow compared to the average 7.5 cm the city usually gets.

So if you like snow, enjoy it tonight! But be safe out there.