If you asked Santa for a white Christmas this year, you may be surprised come December 25th.

After experiencing a pretty “warm” December so far this year, Torontonians are wondering if Santa is going to bring any snow on Christmas Day. But according to Environment Canada, it’s unlikely.

In an interview with Curiocity, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says the “probability of a white Christmas is very low,” and that as of right now there is “no snow in the forecast.”

So far this winter, snowfall has been “below average” with Environment Canada sharing that in the month of November, Toronto only saw 3.2 cm of snow compared to the average 7.5 cm the city usually gets.

In December, we have seen 6.8 cm so far, but with “mild temperatures expected to continue,” and an average of 25 cm typically expected this month, you may not need to get out your snow gear until the new year.

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environment canada
Image via Environment Canada

No snow on Christmas may feel like a letdown, but it isn’t super uncommon!

According to Environment Canada, in 2022 Toronto only had 1 cm of snow on the ground on Christmas Day, 2021 had zero snow, 2020 had 4 cm and zero snow in 2019 and 2018.

In fact, the last time the city had a good dumping of snow on December 25th was in 2017 when there was 16 cm on the ground and in 2016 which got 11 cm.

So while the city of Toronto will likely experience “above average temperatures” and “below average snowfall,” Environment Canada reminds everyone that “one storm can make all the difference” so always be prepared for snow and cold temperatures no matter what the forecast is this winter!

For now, leading into the week of the 25th, Toronto will see temperatures generally above zero degrees, with sunshine and rain. And yes, no snow. As for the temperatures, The Weather Network says it will be 4°C with sun and clouds on Christmas Day.

While it may not be a white Christmas in Toronto, enjoy the warm weather while you still can!