As if we needed any more proof that the Toronto tech scene is world-class, a new report by CBRE has named it one of the top three in North America.

CBRE’s annual Scoring Tech Talent report evaluates the top 75 tech markets in Canada and the U.S. and “outlines the industry’s job-growth trends amid economic shifts and increased remote hiring,” says the description.

Although Vancouver and Calgary are also among Canada’s top cities for tech talent growth, Toronto continues to hold strong as the leader of the pack here in the north. Toronto has even outranked New York City.

The top five markets listed in CBRE’s 2022 report are the same as last year’s. In order, the markets are the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

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Given how many international tech companies are setting up shop, recruiting employees, and expanding their footprint in Toronto, it’s no surprise to us that it is one of the most sought-after cities on the continent when it comes to talent.

Toronto also topped the list for having the biggest net gains for tech talent since 2016, with a net of 88,900 tech jobs created and filled within that time.

Vancouver and Edmonton were Canada’s biggest gainers since last year’s report. Vancouver rose by three points and has landed in 8th place in the 2022 ranking, and Edmonton also rose by three points to 35th place.

An unexpected city in Ontario was also named in the report for being one of North America’s new emerging markets for tech talent.


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 London, Ontario landed in 10th place for its rising number of tech employees in 2021 — 13,700 to be exact.

Also topping the charts is Ottawa for having the highest concentration of tech labour in North America at 11.6%.

The Bay area better watch out because Toronto may be coming for its tech talent pretty soon.