The world relies on technology but some just do it bigger than others. From startup companies to app developers and dedicated schools, a new study has revealed the Canadian cities with the fastest pace of tech workforce growth – and they might just surprise you.

In a new article written for Linked In News, Canada was found to be outpacing the US within the tech industry – with an Alberta destination leading the pack.

“As a number of homegrown and global firms hire aggressively in the market, Canada’s tech workforce – defined as workers whose job functions on LinkedIn are located in Information Technology and Engineering – grew by 1.6% in the past year alone, compared with a 1.1% growth rate south of the border,” they wrote.

This, of course, is incredible – but what we found even more interesting was the city-by-city breakdown.

Photo via Linked In

While the amount of growth across the board is undoubtedly impressive, it was actually Calgary that took the top spot this year, with a 2.20% increase in talent growth over the last 12 months.

“That’s a remarkable increase, and far exceeds any of the U.S. tech metros examined by LinkedIn,” they said.

Other cities that made the top 5? Vancouver, Toronto Hamilton, and Halifax – with a growth percentage of 1.90%.

“The expansion of Canada’s tech workforce comes as a few trends converge: record-level investment is spurring hiring from homegrown tech companies across the country, just as a number of other established industries across Canada double down on scaling out their tech capabilities.”

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“It’s not just tech companies and startups hiring for these roles either: across industries, demand for tech talent at Canadian companies is through the roof,” they wrote, though that’s not even the best part.

It turns out that Canada as a whole shows no sign of slowing – which means that the future of tech could be found right here in the North.

“While it may be hard to sustain this level of growth long-term, Word is just getting out about Canada,” confirmed Leah Kim Brighton, the founder of Toronto-based tech recruitment firm Mirae Talent & Executive Search.

To see the study done on Canada tech hubs for your self you can check it out here, and keep doing what you’re doing, folks. Whatever it is – it’s working!