A daredevil who goes by the name of “ChaseTO” on YouTube is in some hot water with the TTC. The YouTuber posted a video on Sunday called “train surfing the TTC underground” — in it, the person films themselves sneaking onto the yellow ladder of a subway train and hangs onto it while the train makes its way through the tunnel to intense music. The individual’s face is blurred in the video.

About halfway through, the conductor can be heard yelling at the train surfer while they take off running out of the station. The second half of the video shows what it looks like to ride on the back of a train from their point of view, with the camera pointing outwards. The video ends with them hopping over the Presto gates and exiting into the night.

“I surfed the back of a subway car in Toronto on line 2 of the TTC. The conductor was less than thrilled when he saw me jump off at the next station,” reads the description. The comments are filled with praise for the wild stunt, but the TTC is far from impressed.

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“It probably goes without saying that this kind of stunt is not only incredibly dangerous and irresponsible, it is illegal and will be treated as such,” said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green in an email to Curiocity.

Green said that the incident has been turned over to Transit Special Constables for investigation. The train depicted in the video has not been in service since before August 20th for unrelated reasons, and Green believes that it was filmed before that date.

This isn’t the only subway-related stunt filmed in Toronto recently. Earlier this month, a TikTok video went viral that showed two people walking on the tracks of a TTC subway train.