It looks like Kanye West still holds a grudge against his longtime adversary, Drake. The two chart-topping artists have been feuding for years, but recently, Kanye reignited their beef as they prepare to release albums at the same time, according to Complex. After exchanging a series of cryptic disses about one another in their songs and on social media, Kanye took things to the next level by sharing the address of Drake’s Toronto home on Sunday.

The rapper shared a Google Maps screenshot on Instagram of the Bridle Path neighbourhood where the mansion is located with the address listed at the bottom. The screenshot has since been removed, but not before many fans took screenshots of their own and shared it far and wide.

Kanye might’ve thought he was an evil genius, but fans on Twitter were quick to point out that Drake’s Toronto address is no secret. It’s been widely reported on and it’s “basically a tourist attraction” as one person pointed out.

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“Just letting yall know that Kanye didn’t really leak Drake’s address that’s public knowledge, you can even google ‘Drake’s House’ it’s basically a tourist attraction when you’re driving by Toronto now,” the tweet says.

“Kanye leaked Drake’s address like everyone in Toronto doesn’t know where he lives,” another person tweeted.


Even Drake himself had a good chuckle last night. The rapper posted a video of Toronto’s skyline on his Instagram story on Sunday night, with the CN Tower in view. He later posted another clip of himself laughing as he made his way through the city in a convertible. Was this his way of letting Kanye in on the joke? One can only assume.