Will Toronto ever catch a break this winter? By the looks of it, no, not really. After three winter storms piled up the snow in the city, more is expected to hit the region just before the weekend.

The latest Toronto storm brought a significant amount of snowfall and even treated residents to a show of ‘Thundersnow’. It was even predicted to be the “most impactful [snowstorm] of the season”.

And it very well may have been the biggest storm of the season considering that what’s in store for Toronto this week isn’t something to be concerned about.

Although we expected or at least hoped it to be the last bit of winter activity, according to The Weather Network, more snow is on its way for Toronto.

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toronto snow
Photo via The Weather Network

Per the seven-day forecast, up to 10 cm of snow is expected on Friday.

On Saturday, temperatures are expected to rise just a touch before flurries begin on Sunday and into Tuesday. An accumulation of up to 5 cm through the three days is expected.

Is this something to be worried about? No, but considering Toronto is still cleaning up last weeks snow, it’s pretty inconvenient.

But as always, Canadian winter is unpredictable so keep an eye out for any changes and alerts that could come in the next few days.

Stay warm out there!