And just like that, it’s almost February. And with the new month comes a new storm for Toronto, as the city is expecting up to 25 cm this week.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures in Toronto may rise above freezing for the first time in nearly two weeks by Tuesday. The forecast calls for a high of 3°C. But with lows dipping to -2°C, the snow that is currently on the ground will not have the chance to melt before the next storm.

On Wednesday, Toronto can expect the start of what looks to be a two-day snowstorm.

“While parts of the U.S. will see the concern for widespread ice, the most likely scenario for Canadians is long duration snowfall, along an axis including Windsor, Toronto, Montreal, and parts of Atlantic Canada,” said Michael Carter, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

“Streets, sidewalks, cars, and roofs that can be cleared should be ahead of this week’s additional accumulations.”

The forecast shows up to 10 cm of snow on Wednesday, with a high of 1°C. On Thursday, up to 15 cm of snow could fall, and the high will be -5°C.

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Image via The Weather Network

Parts of Toronto are still dealing with the impacts from the massive storm that hit on January 17.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport recorded a total of 33 cm that day, which is the exact same amount recorded by the airport on January 28th and 29th, 2019. As for the highest totals ever recorded, Pearson hit 45 cm in February of 1965 and 43 cm in January of 1966. Let’s hope what’s coming doesn’t get us to that point.

The Weather Network states that the existing snow would make additional snow removal difficult this week.

“Any rain could lead to flooding with clogged storm drains, and then exacerbate the risk of a flash freeze. Icy precipitation would further solidify what’s already on the ground. It would be a mess on top of a mess,” it states.

“This round won’t be as fast moving either, so it has the potential for being both widespread and longer duration, likely impacting multiple commute times from Wednesday through to Friday.”

So get the shovels ready once again, Toronto, and hey, at least March is a month away.

You snow it to yourself to make the best of this winter!