With the chaos now finally behind us, it’s safe to say that January 17th, 2022 will live on in our memories for quite some time. Whether it was being stuck on the highway for 8 hours straight or getting rescued from a snowbank by the premier, every one of us has something to remember from Toronto’s snow storm.

These Torontonians, in particular, will be remembered for their Canadian kindness during the blizzard, from pushing a TTC bus out of the snow to delivering food to stranded commuters.

One Reddit user posted a photo of a family who boarded a bus that had been stuck for three hours and provided free biscuits and cups of coffee to all of the passengers.

“I’m actually in tears right now. The kindness of some people is so touching,” the post reads.

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Another heartwarming moment involving a public transit bus is making the rounds on social media. When the bus got stuck in the snow, passengers worked together to push it forward, undeterred by the frigid weather and blowing snow. True Canadian spirit!

The incident took place at Lawrence West TTC Station, the person who posted the video told Curiocity.

Two men who were stuck in their car also sprang into Good Samaritan mode to help an elderly woman cross the street.

Yet another kind Canadian escorting a woman to safety.

A group of kids was given a shoutout for shoveling their 90-year-old neighbour’s driveway, which only took about five minutes thanks to their teamwork.

Even police officers needed help digging themselves out of the snow, and these civilians stepped in to help.

And of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Doug Ford who drove around Etobicoke in his pickup truck to help drivers stuck on the roads.

Sometimes, it takes a wild weather event like this to remind us how many good people are in our midst.