Well, Toronto. It looks like our pups have been getting into some trouble these days. The City of Toronto just introduced a pilot program to address an *ahem* increase in dog waste littering the city. Are we not picking up after our pooches, people?

Well, if you haven’t been, now is the time to start. With this new pilot program, there will be designated “Dog Poop” compartments in a selection of Toronto waste bins. Yes, they are literally labelled “Dog Poop.” There’s no beating around the bushes here!

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The designated compartments will be placed in areas with higher than average dog populations to start. These pilot bins can be found at the following addresses:

  • 1989 Queen St E
  • 125 Homewood Ave
  • 10 Niagara St (three bins)
  • 45 Dunfield Ave
  • 55 Rosehill Ave
  • 88 Broadway Ave
  • 150 Kilgour Rd
  • Lakeshore Blvd E & Northern Dancer Blvd

If you and your pup are nowhere near any of these spots, you’re not off the hook. Please remember to clean up after your furry friend, whether you’re disposing of it in a regular waste bin or one of these specifically labelled ones.

If the first phase of this program is successful, it’s set to expand to 30 bins across the city for three months, then 100 across the city for an additional six months. The hope is these bins will help keep Toronto’s streets clean and keep unnecessary materials out of landfills by providing an easy way to sort organic waste from the rest.

So if you’re out with your pup and you spot one of these snazzy new bins, be sure to utilize them properly! This wild project is sure to help make Toronto a cleaner, more pleasant place.