Wow folks, we have to admit we were truly inspired to learn about Nirmal Singh Bhogal, a Vancouver resident who has been making bowls to support the BC Childrens’ Hospital Foundation. Since starting last year, his company Baba’s BooBoo Bowls has raised almost $30,000, and there’s no end in sight!

Already an avid volunteer in the community, Singh needed a way to continue to give back when the pandemic hit. Thanks to his days working as a child-carpenter in India (crazy enough as-is), he was soon able to partner with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to make sure they got the proceeds from anything he sold.

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And boy, are the bowls worth buying. Using reclaimed and donated wood, Singh has made everything from simple key dishes to intricate works of art. And, due to his choice of materials, no two pieces will ever be the same.

Thinking about getting one for yourself? Here’s how to do it. First off, pick out a bowl that you like from their page, then send a DM to ask how much it would cost. Instead of paying directly, customers can make a donation directly to Baba’s BooBoo Bowls Fundraiser page. Send the receipt for the donation back to the account, and get ready for a great new addition to your home!

Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from making a donation to this amazing cause in their name, anyway! We hope this brightens up your weekend, folks!