What’s old is new again and what’s new again – has just won an award! Reclaimed in 2018, Bridgeland’s 4th Avenue flyover playground has since been admired for bringing attention to forgotten city spaces. Now four years since its revitalization, it’s rightfully been recognized by Alberta Recreation and Parks Association as one of the best parks around.

This past weekend, the team responsible for the beloved project was presented with the 2021 Parks Excellence Award whose past recipients have included those behind other innovative spaces like Discovery Canyon in Red Deer, Poppy Plaza in Calgary, and Riel Recreational Park in St. Albert.

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4th Avenue flyover
Photo Via Parks Foundation Calgary

Inspired by similar urban parks in New York, Boston, Miami, and Toronto, this particular project (which is the first of its kind in Western Canada) took years to plan and now sees dozens of people every single day, despite its dark and ‘sometimes dangerous’ past.

With hill slides, games, swings high-impact lighting, and its beautiful murals, the inner city playground, is now a vibrant, safe, fun place for children of all ages to come, play and enjoy themselves – a feat we think is more than deserving of such an accolade – so great job, folks!

If you haven’t visited the park, but would like to – bundle up and head over to the address below! Believe us when we say that it’ll be hard to imagine the space as anything but the colorful place it is now.


Where: 651 McDougall Rd NE, Calgary, AB