From Turk the turkey to Big Chief Beef Jerky, Calgary has seen some pretty iconic people and things born, raised, and created here – so you’d think that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to name a park or two. Right? Well, as it turns out, it’s not as simple as one may think! In fact, in hopes of putting a few smaller spots on the map (and giving the area some spice) the community of Bridgeland has begun asking for some suggestions from the public to name 8 green spaces in the NE area.

Whether you think that someone or something is deserving of a little recognition or you just have a really clever idea, community leaders will be willing to hear you out – as long as it’s appropriate. 

According to CBC, one of these nameless parks includes what some have been calling the General Plaza, which is fitted with picnic tables, lights, a foosball table, and in our opinion is deserving of a moniker far less generic.

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Since more people have begun to move into the area, this spot has become pretty dang busy – which is why officials believe it’s so important that these places have a recognizable title – after all, how else are you supposed to tell someone to meet you there?

For those of you who have an idea, QR codes have actually been set up at these sites so all you have to do is scan and suggest! It’s that easy.

In addition to this, members of the Bridgeland association have been spending time in parks, talking to residents, and gathering insight from those who frequent these spots.

So, get thinking, Calgary! A colourful neighbourhood should have a few colourful names and if we’ve learned anything from reading your comments, it’s that we know how capable you guys are at coming up with some pretty wild stuff. We believe in you!