You know what they say… new year, new roundup of the most expensive properties in BC to check out. Well, maybe they don’t say that, but we sure do. Especially because the British Columbia Assessment Authority has released an interactive map showcasing the big dogs, at least in the eyes of the province.

Released only today, the BC Assessment Maps detail the latest available property values for homes across the province. Keep in mind that these are only the assessment values- the sale value could be higher or lower depending on the property. But, at least in BC, sale prices usually trend higher.

Anyway, the map doesn’t just stop at the top ten. In fact, the top 500 most expensive properties in BC are on there, ranging from inner-city havens to acreages to private islands. Of course, we’re most curious about the big dogs.

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Vancouver itself is home to eight of the top ten most expensive properties in BC, with Chip Wilson’s Kitsilano mansion still reigning supreme. As of July 1st, 2021, the home located at 3085 Point Grey Road is valued at a downright staggering $73,147,000 CAD.

Meanwhile, the Gulf Islands off of Vancouver Island hold the province’s third most expensive property. James Island, a 790-acre island that is entirely privately owned, comes in at a serious $54,716,000 CAD. However, we think you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck here than with some Point Grey manor. It’s also likely not going to stay private for long, as the current owner has got development plans in mind.

8030 alpine way
Image via Google Maps

Whistler was the only other municipality outside of Vancouver to get a spot in the top ten. The former site of a luxury resort, 8030 Alpine Way lands at number seven on the list, and got a valuation of $35,819,000. Once again, with just under 42 acres to play around in, this seems like a better deal to us.

But whatever your preferences, you can check out the most expensive properties in BC for yourself right here. We guess it’s time to really get on our grind if we want a swanky retirement spot, hey?