We know that most of you are probably very ready for winter to be over. The good news is that winter ends in just a bit over a month. Now that being said, it also means that some of the best winter activities you can partake in will be a thing of the past until next year. Don’t want to miss out? We don’t blame you. So here are 6 of the best things to do in & around Seattle before winter is over.

Enjoy a winter hike

Hiking in winter may seem daunting but it’s one of the most unique times of year to view Washington’s wilderness. Not only that but it’s one of your best and last opportunities for the season to get out and about in some snow. Plus, we went ahead and compiled a list of hikes for you to enjoy so that you don’t have to do any guesswork.

Visit Washington’s frozen waterfalls


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One of the most magical aspects of Washington winter is seeing our states beautiful waterfalls in a frozen state. Whether you want to take a day trip to see falls or go for a shorter drive, there are plenty of options. We of course made a list of destinations for you to visit.

Try your hand at ice skating

Sure ice skating can technically be done year round but there is something extra special about doing it during the winter season. So bundle up, grab your friends and get ready to winter skate at least one more time before spring arrives. We already went ahead and selected some of our favorite places to hit the ice.

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Eat winter produce

While winter may not be the star of produce growing, there’s nothing quite like a hearty meal made from locally grown winter produce. You can shop at Pike Place Market or your local farmers market and finally cook up all of those recipes you’ve been meaning to make.

Hit the slopes


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Winter is the only time you can enjoy good old skiing. So why not hit the slopes or even enjoy some night skiing? There are tons of places you can ski at in Washington whether you want to venture far out of the city or only head an hour or two out. As always, we have a list of spots for you to check out.

Visit Leavenworth

America’s best christmas town is worth visiting year-round, but it truly shines in the winter months. You can explore the snow covered Bavarian inspired town, take a hike nearby, enjoy horse drawn carriage rides and visit the Nutcracker Museum.

Enjoy folks and be sure to make the most of this magical season.