Ice skating is a fall and winter favorite and also a great way to get in the holiday spirit. These days it does feel like a bit of a blast from the past with fewer spots to enjoy the past time. However, there are still several places to enjoy ice skating. Here are a few of the best spots to go ice skating in and around Seattle.

Kraken Community Iceplex

Perhaps the most buzz-worthy spot to ice skate, the Kraken Community Iceplex is the city’s newest spot to hit the ice. It’s conveniently located at Northgate Mall and you can enjoy both public skating and hockey lessons if you feel so inclined. They even have different hockey leagues if you get really into it.

Where: 10601 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA
Hours: Public skate hours vary by day
Cost: $16

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Sno-King Ice Arenas

For those of you on the Eastside, Snoqualmie-King is your go-to! This ice arena actually has three locations in Renton, Kirkland, and Snoqualmie. They offer public skating as well as hockey lessons if you’re looking to try something new. The Snoqualmie and Kirkland locations both have NHL ice sheets so you’ll have plenty of space to zip around on the ice.
Where: 3 locations around Washington
Hours: Vary by location
Cost: $12
Your options are short and sweet and each ice arena has its own unique perks and amenities so why not check them all out?