Just last week Forbes released its list of Best Employers in America. While it’s great to see the big picture of who’s who and the best of the best in the nation, it turns out several local companies actually made the list. Have any guesses? Let’s get into the details on the best employers in Washington.

The list was broken up into two groups, showcasing both mid-size and large employers. Each list covers 500 American employers with at least 1,000 employees. To conduct the survey, 60,000 employees at these companies were asked to provide feedback on their own workplaces and also asked to recommend other names.

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Four Washington companies were included in the large employerS top 500, all of which made it in the top 100 and two in the top 20. They were:

– Microsoft (#15)
– Costco Wholesale (#17)
– Slalom Consulting (#53)
– Alaska Airlines (#70)

The number of employees at these companies ranges from over 9,000 to over 100,000. Not only is it cool to see local companies being recognized for their greatness but they’re also employers to keep in mind if you happen to be looking for a new job. Happy job hunting folks!