Santa Claus and Rudolph, the North Pole and Yeti – these things are a work of fiction, written for and told to kids in hopes of making their holidays more magical, but what if we all have it wrong? While we can all agree that the concept of one man delivering presents to everyone on the planet is an impossibility, there are elements of festive lure that some actually believe strongly in – and you can actually learn all about it at Reykjavik Elf School, a real place that exists and actually thrives.

With students that come from all over the world to learn, Iceland’s Elf School has become the best (and only) place where you can delve into years of evidence, first-hand accounts, and artifacts that suggest that pointy-eared, pixie-faced charmers do exist.

You see, in Iceland, they actually take Elves seriously. In fact, 54% of their population believe that they live and breathe so if there’s any place in the world where you’d learn a thing or two about em’ it’s through these guys.

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Interested in checking it out? First, you’ll need a plane ticket!

Classes are held every Friday and cost about $76 CAD – though that can vary depending on the date and size of the group you’re travelling with.

During your one-day course, you’ll also get coffee or tea and a plate of pancakes – because you can’t learn on an empty stomach.

Now, if you instead consider yourself a ‘waffle person,’ and don’t have the money to travel overseas – there is an alternative to their in-person lecture.


While you’ll have to make your own Eggo’s, you can instead, order one of their new study book via snail-mail (these guys are old school).

Each book includes information on various sightings and the stories surrounding these mythical creatures that (spoiler alert) actually look nothing like Will Ferrell or his fellow Elf castmates.

Each book costs $60 and can be ordered now – so check it out and become a certified Elftologist!

For more information on the Iceland Elf School check out its website and read more on these “particularity fascinating” beings and their courses. Enjoy folks!