The Spotify 2021 Wrapped is out, and that can only mean one thing- you’re about to see so many screenshots on social media that it’s not even funny. But, rather than your friends’ individual tastes, what about what the whole world is listening to? Well folks, we’ve got the info you need, and it might surprise you!

1. Bad Bunny

This, folks, is what we refer to as a big flex. Although he released no new album this year, Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny claimed the top spot for the second year straight globally. To put it in perspective, he was listened to so much that if everyone in the world listened to a song, there’d still be over a billion plays to go.

2. Taylor Swift

After a saga that honestly could become a movie, Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version) at the start of November, and quickly shot to the top of the charts. Drama with exes aside, the album represents a groundbreaking artist taking control of their voice, and we can’t be happier.

3. BTS

Should we redub k-pop as w-pop (world-pop)? No, that would be silly, but there’s no doubt that this Korean supergroup has become a household name on practically every continent. In fact, the song that really helped them this year, Butter, was also on YouTube’s list of the most watched music videos in Canada. Moves like Jagger? How about moves like BTS?

4. Drake

And finally, we get to some Canadian names! With the release of Certified Lover Boy this year, Drake garnered some serious attention with (now-settled) bad blood with Kanye West, and one of the most iconic (but not necessarily good) covers in the genre.

5. Justin Bieber

The Biebs is back, but he never really left, did he? The Canadian superstar’s sixth studio album, Justice, featured some of the biggest names in music and propelled other names into the spotlight. With any luck, Justin Bieber and Drake will see more than popularity this year- both of them are up for Grammy Awards.

That rounds up the list of the top artists globally for Spotify Wrapped 2021! Sorry folks, but it looks like your favourite local psych-rock band didn’t make the cut this go around. Maybe next year?