The holidays are the most magical time of the year, especially if you live in Canada. There is, of course, one place where this is an exception. Unfortunately, while the majority of us fall will fall asleep with sugar plums dancing in our heads, those in Nova Scotia will drift off with visions of Woody the creepy talking Christmas tree – an unsettling decoration haunting shoppers in Dartmouth’s Mic Mac Mall.

In fact, this tree is so terrifying, it caught the attention of Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon – who completely roasted poor Woody over a fire of insults and Red Light, Green Light comparisons.

“Well, now we know what the Christmas episode of ‘Squid Game‘ will look like,” he said during his monologue.

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Like with any good segment, Fallon also featured a few videos of the red-nosed horror in action – all of which left the host and the audience dazed and confused.

Of course, not everyone will agree on its terrifyingness – so it’s worth checking out yourself.

You may be among the (VERY) few who actually think that it’s kind of cute. We still have yet to decide.