A new restaurant has opened up in the west end, but this one’s not like the others. Then and Now describes itself as a “non-tipping establishment” and the owner says that this policy benefits both staff and customers.

The Asian-fusion restaurant, which recently opened up in Parkdale, aims to provide a livable wage to all of its staff, according to its website.

In an interview with CityNews, owner Eric Wang says that a server’s income should not have to be determined by the guest.

“Don’t have the guest pay what employers are essentially supposed to pay in terms of minimum wage,” said Wang.

Wang goes on to say that tipping also has the potential to create unconscious bias among staff, who may not provide the same service to certain customers based on assumptions about the amount that they will tip.

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To eliminate this barrier, Wang provides all of his full-time staff with a base salary, a percentage of the restaurant’s sales, sick days, and benefits, according to the article.

This allows them to focus on providing an “elevated” service experience for guests while serving up a curated menu of Asian-inspired dishes.

Then and Now’s menu features delicious dishes like ricotta dumplings, steak frites, octopus, risotto, seasonal fish, salmon carpaccio, and more.

As for drinks, the restaurant offers a selection of unique fusion cocktails like sake and gin, an old-fashioned with an Asian twist, an ume margarita, and several others.

And if you’re totally blown away by the service, you can also choose to leave a tip, as long as you remember that it’s not needed or expected.

Then and Now (T&N)

Where: 1316 Queen Street West