We’ve got some great news for Vancouver’s soccer fans. The Vancouver Whitecaps announced earlier today that they’re coming back to the city, with the aim to be playing home games starting next month! Here’s a quick little recap of the Whitecaps (haha)!

After a lengthy stint playing down in Utah, the Whitecaps are set to return next week, on July 25th. They’ll be back to training at the National Soccer Development Centre at UBC just a couple of days later. But, it might be a longer wait before fans can get back in the stands.

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Because BC Place has got another tenant, Wings and Wizards, there throughout the month of July. Wings and Wizards is a sort of Harry Potter-themed experience, where guests can wander 7,000 square feet that includes a wizarding school, a castle, and an ‘Enchanted Forest’.

Heck, that ‘magical’ experience was originally supposed to last until September. But, we had a feeling there was a clause about the usual stuff coming back.

So, with any luck, the Whitecaps will be back on home turf in early August (they’ve said they’ll be playing their final 9 games there). Keep in mind that current restrictions mean BC Place can have up to a 50% occupancy, or some 27,000 fans. That would be a crazy thing to experience after the past year and a bit, hey?

We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as more official updates come out!