Well folks, it hasn’t been three weeks since the pandemic-related state of emergency was lifted in BC, but we’re heading back into another one. This time, the cause is the current wildfires raging throughout the province. And, we’re here to explain what it means.

Basically, the provincial state of emergency lets the government make faster decisions about managing the wildfires and other related issues. As of today, there were over 3,000 firefighters fighting close to 300 fires throughout the province, and conditions are expected to stay hot and dry.

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Maybe more importantly, the state of emergency allows the provincial government to enact travel bans, with legal consequences for those who violate them. And, it lets BC order a mass evacuation of some of the regions around the province, which may be necessary in the coming days.

So, the provincial government is not messing around when it comes to preparing for wildfire season. Here’s hoping that things will lighten up, but we’re happy they’ve prepared for a bumpy road. To check out the official press release for yourself, just click here.

Stay safe out there, folks!