There are a few buzzwords among Toronto’s health-conscious communities as of late: one of which is ice baths, and the other is lymphatic drainage. And so, it is no surprise that The Tox Technique opened its first Canadian location in Toronto.

Located at 146 Yonge Street, The Tox’s Toronto location resembles most others in the US, and are founded by Courtney Yeager. All thirteen locations have a dark-themed rooms, using black curtains, black bedding, and even black toilet paper. When you walk in, you’ll notice the rooms are divided by the curtains, but it still provides a lot of privacy. The music in the space is not the typical spa music, and drowns out any extra sounds between curtains.

The Tox’s service menu is not long or complicated. You can choose between The Master Tox, Master Tox and Sculpting Facial, and the Sculpting Facial. The Master Tox is what this place is popular for. So what is it exactly? Simply put, it is a lymphatic drainage massage.

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When compared to a traditional deep tissue massage, which focuses on muscles and working out knots, staff at the Tox say the “Master Tox works from the inside out, targeting the immune system & manipulating specific areas of the body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.”

According to The Tox, their treatment is highly recommended if your immune system is feeling a bit down, or you feel a cold coming, or just overall feeling sluggish and need a restart.

As for the treatment, while it may feel like a relaxing spa as you lay down, this will feel a little bit more aggressive than a deep tissue massage. The masseuse goes over any section of your body multiple times, and will massage your stomach in a way that may feel a bit uncomfortable to start. They can certainly go much lighter if needed, and following the massage itself, they use a suction machine over your body to help with the debloating and detoxification.

For those unsure of how this may work, you will be provided a before and after photo of your body (if you wish) to see the change.

Of course, results can vary, but most will find that the treatment’s effects will last up to two weeks if accompanied by a clean diet and staying active.

“After the Tox Technique your body will continue to detoxify and drain for up to 72 hours,” the staff say. “It’s important to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol/processed foods after our treatment.”

As for the facial, similar to the body, you will be able to see immediate results that include a more defined jawline, cheekbones, and reduced puffiness in the face. The treatment includes the use of a Gua Sha stone and Tox Sculpting wand to assist in toning the muscles of the face. At the end, there is a custom Tox caffeinated mask to wrap up the treatment.


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There is a reason these treatments, and lymphatic drainage massages in general, are gaining popularity in North America. The results are generally immediate, and can last. While there are other spots in Toronto that offer lymphatic drainage massages, the Tox is unique in its suction device. For those looking for a body sculpting experience, this one will set you back $249 right now – which is their special grand opening price.

The Tox

Where: 146 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor Toronto
Cost: $249+