The Seattle Kraken seems to be increasingly busy these days between local brand collabs and trolling other NFL teams. Now they’re getting into the world of crypto through an NFT collection. Let’s get into some details.

As a new way to connect with fans, the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena are partnering with Orange Comet to create 7 different NFT’s. These NFT’s are described as ” innovative, mysterious, and intense designs” that capture “the essence of the Kraken brand” according to a press release. To make things even more unique, the drop includes a mystery NFT that reveals itself to the owner after purchase.

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seattle kraken nft
Photo via Orange Comet/Seattle Kraken

Some of the pieces include a “Captain’s Box” which houses a pack of 3 NFT’s ranging from a Random Kraken NFT animation to a Random “Seafarer” to a Random Kraken Goalie “Mask”. There will also be an opportunity to own a reveal of the Kraken Mascot which will continue to evolve until the mascot’s global reveal. Psst, this one will only get to be owned by 32 fans.

And as a way to connect with fans, there will also be “unique real-world opportunities where fans can win tickets, behind-the-scenes experiences, and autographed Kraken Jerseys.” Plus these NFTs will be available for purchase at a variety of price points starting at $50 so they’re not totally inaccessible to folks who might not be super crypto savvy.

If you’d like to try to get your hands on one of these super rare NFT’s, the collection goes live from December 20th until December 23rd. You’ll need to make an account on the Orange Comet site directly for the Seattle Kraken NFT drop which you can do by clicking here. You can also learn more about the collection by clicking that same link. Good luck folks and go Kraken!