It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but the regional parks in Metro Vancouver had the most popular year on record during 2020. Turns out, people didn’t shy away from exploring their own backyards last year, and we’re happy to hear it!

New data from Metro Van’s Regional Parks Department recorded a whopping 16 million visitors last year. That represents almost 40% more visitors than the former busiest year, which really shows just how important these parks were in 2020.

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Of course, when you’ve got a province as beautiful as British Columbia, it’s easy to see how this option would explode. We’re just hoping that everyone who visits these parks takes good care of the trails and rest areas. After all, they’re for everyone to enjoy.

And, they can be enjoyed in the winter, as well! We suggest checking out a map of the regional parks around Metro Vancouver. It’s a winter wonderland just waiting to be explored, but safely of course.

Enjoy the week, folks!