A mysterious assortment of signs popping up across Seattle have one shared message to tell us. The internet is ending tomorrow, allegedly. Are you sad? Nervous? Excited? Well, until tomorrow let’s check out some of these signs.

According to GeekWire, the first sign was spotted in July of this year and was submitted to The Stranger by a reader. The sign is shown in the tweet below.

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But it’s only gotten weirder from there and what the heck do those numbers mean? Well, they’re tomorrow’s date, December 2nd, 2022 which isn’t any old regular day. As GeekWire explained “12022021 … that’s a palindrome date and there are a bunch of them this year — 22 in fact — that read the same forward and backward.” Further “Thursday is considered the longest, at eight digits, when typed out as 12022021.”

It’s still very unclear what this date has to do with the end of the internet, but that hasn’t stopped its lore from growing. There is even a URL that kind of matches the end-of-times date here, with a countdown clock ending at, you guessed it, tomorrow’s date. Is this a marketing scheme, a Y2K-esque freakout, or really the end? We’ll all have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Until then, enjoy the internet!