It’s the night of the year to play nothing but Harvest Moon by Neil Young. Why? Because tonight is the one and only full harvest moon of 2021. That’s right folks, tonight the night sky will be illuminated by a full moon officially marking the end of summer, kinda. Ready to check it out? Here’s how.

This year’s full harvest moon is actually taking place two days before the autumn equinox which is happening on Wednesday, September 22nd. That being said, we’ve all kind of already accepted that fall is here. So if you’d like to watch the full moon tonight, you can expect to see peak illumination at 4:54 pm.

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Yes, 4 pm. Obviously not ideal to look at the moon when the sun is still out but you’ll still be able to see the moon shine late into the evening. That being said, if you want to get out of the house to watch we have a few places that are ideal for looking at the night sky.

You can learn more about the harvest full moon by clicking here. We hope that you get out there and see the last full moon of summer. Remember to bring some layers because it’ll probably get pretty chilly. Have a great week folks and happy fall!