Say hello to one of Canada’s oldest living residents — the Comfort Maple. Located in the Niagara region, this tree is believed to be the oldest and finest sugar maple in the country.

The Ontario Forestry Association estimates that the Comfort Maple is between 400 and 500 years old, making it the oldest tree of its kind anywhere in Canada.

The Comfort Maple has planted its roots in the town of Pelham, and given its age, you can imagine just how big this magnificent tree is.

According to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), it spans 24.4 metres at its crown with a trunk circumference of 6 metres.

The NPCA says that the tree “symbolizes Canada’s strength and tradition.”

Tourism Niagara says that the ancient maple is protected by the Ontario Heritage Act.

It “has limbs that feel like they stretch for miles, making this a comfy space to spread out a blanket and have a quiet bite outdoors,” says Tourism Niagara.

This tree was the lucky survivor of a hardwood forest that was cleared for agricultural purposes back when it was still young, says NPCA.

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This plot of land was bought by the Comfort family in 1816, hence the name Comfort Maple.

Later, the land was entrusted to the NPCA to conserve the maple for its historical and biological significance.

Visitors are welcome to stop by and pay a visit to this special tree.

However, given its fragile state, it’s very important to note that climbing or hanging on its branches is strictly prohibited.

So, go ahead and admire this beautiful enduring relic of Canada’s natural history, but remember to treat it with care.

The Comfort Maple Conservation Area

Where: 636 Metler Road, Fenwick