Temporary retirement? It may sound made up, but there’s more to it than you might think! 

If you’re like most young Canadians, retirement may feel like a faraway fantasy. In fact, surveys show that 76% of Canadians expect they’ll be working much longer than their parents did. But instead of pining away for a distant future – why not enjoy yourself right now?

Coors Light agrees, and they’re giving away $10,000 to 4 lucky Canadians of legal drinking age to live their best temporarily retired life this summer. Just share your ‘temporary retirement’ plans with Coors Light by Monday, August 7, for your chance to win!

It doesn’t matter what your plans are. Whether you want to use the extra cash to pad up your RRSP or splurge on the trip of your dreams, you don’t have to wait until your golden years to get a taste of the good life.  

If you’re struggling to decide on how to spend your newfound freedom, then we have some ideas to get you started. After all, who needs to get away when Canadian summers already feel like a vacation? 

Here are 6 ideas for enjoying your golden years THIS year by living the temporarily retired dream in Canada.

Life’s A Beach


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When you picture retirement, do you see yourself reclining on a beach and basking in the sun? Perfect, because there are a ton of gorgeous beaches right here in Canada where you can make your fantasy a reality. Just make sure you pack sunscreen!

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Take A Hike


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If you’re the outdoorsy type, and can’t imagine sitting on a beach for longer than an afternoon, then it’s a good thing you’re Canadian. If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s outdoor activities. Travel to the Rockies, discover hidden waterfalls, and jump into a glacier lake. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures, of course. 

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Learn Something New

You don’t have to travel to spend your time well. Maybe your job already involves a lot of running around. That’s fine! Why not pick up a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time for? This is your chance to master that fancy dessert recipe or learn to edit photos like a pro. It’s your retirement, you get to do what you want with it.

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Get Lost


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You might be familiar with your own backyard, but Canada is a pretty big place – and there’s lots to discover. If you’re eyeing airfares, why not travel a little closer to home? Explore a new province, or visit a town you’ve never seen before. So many people come to Canada from around the world. What’s stopping you?

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Better Together

Maybe the last few years have kept you so busy that the best temporary retirement is spending quality time with the people you love. Let the $10k handle your bills and unwind with a good old-fashioned staycation surrounded by close family and friends. Maybe even crack open a cold one and enjoy a drink with friends. 

Keep On Keeping On

Of course, you can just pocket the money and keep on with what you’re doing! No one’s forcing you to stop working this summer. Throw a cool 10 grand into your retirement account and call it a win. But we still recommend treating yourself to a nice dinner or something.

If this got your creative juices flowing, don’t forget to throw your hat in the ring for the Coors Light contest. You might just win $10,000 to temporarily retire this summer!