This year we’ve had a whole lot of time to kill at home. Some took walks, others slept through the good the bad, and the ugly and many learned a new skill. Now, with a vaccine on the horizon, the days, weeks, and months that we have left to self-educate are numbered.

In hopes of helping everyone make the most of it, global training provider, The Knowledge Academy, just released a list of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself at home, and how long it’ll actually take to learn each one.

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The academy began by asking over 431 HR professionals what they believed were the most useful in everyday life, as well as which ones looked best on a resume and this is what came out on top:

  1. Yoga
  2. Coding
  3. Writing
  4. Cooking
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Language Learning
  7. Gardening
  8. Photography
  9. SEO
  10. Pottery

Next, they asked the same professionals how long it would typically take someone to learn the basics if they were willing to put in an hour a day.

They concluded that – by simply watching tutorials and looking at information online – it would only take about 5 months to advance in yoga, 4.5 months to be a novice coder, and 4 months to improve your writing skills.

Cooking, which really is something that everyone should know how to do properly, takes about 3 months to learn. Digital Marketing is estimated to also take around 3 months while understanding a new language at an elementary level would only take about 2. (That actually surprised us.)

Gardening is believed to take only 4 weeks, photography was estimated at 2 and the fundamentals of SEO are said to only take 4 whole days.

Finally, according to the Knowledge Academy, pottery will only take you a single to learn and understand – so maybe start there!

There you have it, friends! If you want more information about why they chose each skill, click the link here and read further into their findings. This study was actually pretty eye-opening, considering that we’re still learning how not to burn a kitchen down. What valuable skills would you be willing to learn? Let us know!