Driving to and from BC is fun and all, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend a day lounging about only to go home and sleep in our own beds? Our province may not have palm trees, year-round sun, or the ocean, but we do have sand… It’s just a matter of finding it! From Jasper to Red Deer, Edmonton, and just outside of Calgary here are 10 Alberta beaches you should visit this summer.


Located in High Prairie, Shaw’s Point sits on the edge of Lesser Slave Lake. With white sandy beaches, this place is immaculate – but what else would you expect? The beach is mostly maintained by a beautiful resort! With a boat launch, a swimming area, restaurants, and even accommodation for those who do choose to stay, this place should definitely land itself on your summer to-do list.

Where: Range Rd 141, High Prairie, AB
Distance from Calgary: 675 km
Distance from Edmonton: 378 km


Alternatively, located on the other side of Lesser Slave Lake, those chasing the sun and sand can also check out Devonshire Beach. This gorgeous spot is clean, well kept, and above all makes for a perfect summer day.

Where: 2M0, Range Rd 55, Widewater, AB
Distance from Calgary: 565 km
Distance from Edmonton: 269 km


Considered by many to be the best beach in not only Alberta but Canada as well, Kinsoo is located on the east end of Cold Lake. With an insane three-block-stretch of fine sand, gorgeous views and equipment rentals, and a designated swimming area, those who haven’t been – should definitely check it out this summer.

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 600 km
Distance from Edmonton: 295 km


What could be better than spending your day lounging around on a beach? Easy – a view of the mountains while you do it! Situated at the base of Pyramid Mountain this beach has something for everyone! Fire pits, picnic tables a dock, and a safe place to swim, for all of you water bugs.

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 419 km
Distance from Edmonton: 369 km


As one of the most popular beaches in the province, we suggest you head to this one early in the morning. Located on the edge of Gull Lake, Ebeling is pretty close to a variety of restaurants, shops, and hotels, which is super convenient if you plan on spending the entire day out there.

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 183 km
Distance from Edmonton: 142 km



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Despite asking that you leave your dog at home, Jasper’s Edith Beach is absolutely worth the visit if you’re one who appreciates pristine water and fresh mountain air. Surrounded by the peaks and valleys of the Rockies, this place is absolutely breathtaking – so check it out!

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 419 km
Distance from Edmonton: 361 km


Located West of Edmonton, this adorable spot is warm, shallow, and great for families with smaller kids. In addition to the beach, there’s also a pretty big grassy area where you can have a picnic lunch before heading back to the water.

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 368 km
Distance from Edmonton: 71.8


From swimming, canoeing, sailing, and windsurfing to fishing and birdwatching, Rochon Sands, located on Buffalo lake really has it all. Whether you’re camping or just hanging out for the day, you’re practically guaranteed a good time, no matter how you choose to spend it. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that there’s a bomb ice cream shop nearby as well.

Where: 1 Bay View St, Rochon Sands, AB
Distance from Calgary: 228 km
Distance from Edmonton: 180 km


Sylvan Lake is by far the most popular beach in Alberta for those who live in either major city. Located at the midpoint between Calgary and Edmonton, Sylvan is where you go to make a memory, have a nice lunch, take a walk and hang out on the sand.

Where: Directions here 
Distance from Calgary: 157 km
Distance from Edmonton: 163 km


Located pretty close to the town of Jasper, Lake Anette is well known for its quiet sandy beach, crystal clear water, its beautiful grassy area perfect for laying about or having a bite, and like everything else that is in or around the mountain town, its beautiful view.

Where: Directions here
Distance from Calgary: 420 km
Distance from Edmonton: 363 km

Whew, well, there you have it, friends. 10 beaches right here in Alberta that you have to check out this summer! Which one will you check out first? It’s going to be a tough call!