Canada’s newest Walk of Fame inductee can’t seem to keep himself out of the headlines lately. Keanu Reeves has been making the rounds on talk shows this week promoting his new film The Matrix Resurrections and attended the premiere of the film at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre on Thursday.

The star looked as sharp as ever in a black suit and grey tie and was naturally the center of attention on the black carpet.

One thing we can all appreciate about Reeves is how down to Earth he seems to be, despite being one of the most beloved A-listers in Hollywood.

The actor stayed true to his “super chill” personality at last night’s event, according to CBC’s Eli Glasner, which is definitely apparent in the photo Glanser captured of him on the carpet.

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Like most other Torontonians, Reeves is proud of his roots. The star was almost the pioneer of putting the 6ix on the map before Drake entered the scene.

The actor revealed to Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan that he was asked to change his name in the early days of his career because Keanu seemed “a little too exotic.”

“So, I’m 20 years old, I’m in my first car, I wanted to be in movies, I went to Hollywood […] and I get there and they’re like, ‘we wanna change your name,'” Reeves said.

One of his stage name ideas was Chuck Spadina, as in Spadina Ave. Doesn’t get more Toronto than that.

“I just came up with ridiculous names,” Reeves said. In the end, he decided to keep his name the way it is.

As much as we would’ve gotten a kick out of Chuck Spadina, we can’t think of a name more fitting for Keanu Reeves than Keanu Reeves.