Canada’s Walk of Fame just inducted Hollywood’s beloved Keanu Reeves just in time for The Matrix Resurrections. In a statement that was far from Keanu’s stoic character of Neo, the star showed a little emotion. Maybe more than just a little emotion, possibly a little commotion for his home of Toronto.

We know Keanu from films other than The Matrix. He’s played big roles in flicks like John WickSpeed, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. His induction was well earned and he made sure to give a shout-out to the city that made it all possible. Ready for a little pick me up? Check the video below.

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No thank YOU, Keanu. We can’t wait to visit your star and also watch you in your newest upcoming flick. Until then we all might as well do a little Keanu movie marathon. Why not? After all, we all probably have a few extra days off during the holidays.

Keanu Reeves has easily earned this title, and he’s among a long list of Canadian celebrities that had one heck of a positive impact on the world this year.

If you want to watch Keanu’s official induction, you can do so on Friday, December 17th. Canada’s Walk of Fame special primetime event starts at 8 pm ET and can be viewed through CTV, the channel’s website, and its app.