There’s a new Summer BBQ pop-up series coming to Toronto courtesy of The Dog and Tiger. Get ready to chow down on deliciously charred eats on a streetside patio starting this June.

The Dog and Tiger will be gathering some of the city’s best chefs for its latest venture. Starting June 3rd, the Summer BBQ Series will kick off with Eco Chef Chris Locke who will be cooking up mouthwatering BBQ eats for those walking by on the street or patio diners.

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Chef Locke’s menu includes:

  • Carrot Dog – dehydrated roasted carrots, horseradish mustard, ramp & bread and butter ‘green relish’, house made potato bun
  • Grilled squid – squid garum beans, ramp ‘pesto’, and fermented chilli harissa
  • Asparagus – spruce cured lardo, puffed rice granola, and douchi butter
  • Grilled turnip – turnip leaf salad, ballpark vinaigrette, and millet dukkha
Photo via The Dog and Tiger

This is just a taste of what to expect. Other chefs include Chef Bennett Jacobs and Anthony Fushell; Spencer Cryan of Pasture Butchery; Chef Jordan Oetelaar & Executive Chef Jef Edwards; Chef Michael Lam, and Taylor McMeekin.

“I felt like it was time to start bringing collabs and pop-ups back! It’s time to get chefs together again,” said Tom Salvo of, The Dog & Tiger.

“Throughout the pandemic restaurants were so short-staffed that chefs didn’t have the time or bandwidth to leave their restaurant for stuff like this. The focus of the Summer BBQ Series is first and foremost to have a good time and enjoy great food — and it’s also associating ourselves with established brands in the city and introducing people to different chefs and restaurants. It’s what the Toronto food scene should be all about.”

summer patio
Photo via The Dog and Tiger

More chefs, dates, menus, and prices will be released via The Dog and Tiger’s Instagram. And if the food wasn’t enough, guests can also enjoy contests, prizes, and giveaways too, thanks to partnerships with Spring Mill Distillery and True History Beer.

The summer pop-ups will run from 4 PM until sold out and dishes will range from $10 to $25 depending on the item.

The Dog and Tiger

Where: 537 College Street