Nothing can bring a group of people together quite like nostalgia. From Tamagotchi’s and Furbies to Disney and Nickelodeon – early 2000s toys and TV shows like Blues Clues taught us about responsibility, growing pains, friendship, sharing and sparked our imagination.

Luckily, despite growing up and out of Saturday morning cartoons, those wholesome memories of captain crunch and footie pajamas remain, not only for us but for the hosts of these shows – one of which, just posted a video reflecting on their screen time.

25 years after first appearing as a quirky pet owner and resident BFF, Steve, the actor (also legally named Steve) posted a video of himself addressing grown-up fans of the show – most of which are now in their mid-20s to early 30s.

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Wearing his familiar green striped shirt, Steve spoke directly to viewers in the same way he did through the screen when we were hardly old enough to tie our shoes and congratulated us for coming as far as we have, thanking us for sharing that time with him and understanding when he abruptly left for college.

To say that the internet blew up would be an understatement. Celebrities, politicians, athletes, parents, college students, and everyone just figuring it out, were hit hard by the heartwarming message.

Here are just a few of Twitter’s reactions following the post.


Who knew that this is exactly what we needed this week?

Happy 25th Birthday Blue – and thank you, Steve… we also never have and never will forget you.