As much as we hate to admit it, Toronto Maple Leafs fans have become accustomed to the same routine of optimism and disappointment since the team won their last Stanley Cup in 1967. But the 2020-2021 season was especially intense, given that they actually secured a playoff spot. We probably don’t need to remind you what happened next, but pretty soon, you’ll be able to re-live it all from an entirely different perspective.

Amazon Prime Video is releasing a docu-series called All or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs, taking you behind the scenes of the Leafs’ most recent season, from Sheldon Keefe’s emotional pep talks in the locker room to glimpses of the players struggling under the pressure.

The trailer for the series, which premieres on October 1st, begins with Auston Matthews saying, “In Toronto, everything revolves around hockey. When we’re doing well, the city’s on a high. When we’re not, it’s full panic,” which is a pretty spot-on observation, if you ask us.

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The series dives into Keefe’s mission to “flip the script” for the Leafs, so they can leave their history of disappointment behind. There are some lighthearted scenes too, showing how the Leafs celebrate as a team and bond off the ice.

It also features interviews from Matthews’ parents about his love for hockey at an early age, and interview clips from players about how it feels to play for Toronto, especially for those who grew up in Ontario.

The Maple Leafs announced their 2021-2022 season schedule back in July, starting with back-to-back games on Wednesday, October 13th. Until we suit up in our jerseys and cheer them on like Game 7 never happened, this series will give us riveting Leafs content to tide us over.