Starbucks of the future! An application has been submitted to the City of Toronto to upgrade a local Starbucks in the city’s upscale Yorkville neighbourhood.

If you’ve ever been to the Starbucks at 110 Bloor Street West, then you know that it’s fairly small. Well, real estate developer, ProWinko Canada wants to change that.

ProWinko plans to transform the Yorkville Starbucks by “converting and expanding” the existing two-story rotunda build-out on the Bloor Street facing side of the property, according to the proposal.

In its place would be a new “two-storey rectangular entrance into an existing mercantile unit on the ground floor.”

Quadrangle Architects Limited is the team behind the futuristic redesign of the Bloor St location.

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starbucks toronto
Photo via BDP Quadrangle. plans

The rendering provided in the application displays a large, gold Starbucks logo on the front and large windows providing ample indoor lighting.

A little more black and a lot less green than the traditional Starbucks locations, the design is reminiscent of a more modern and sleek look.

And with the plan of expansion, the north side entrance could see an outdoor patio for those much-needed coffee breaks.

If the City approves the plans, we may see this Starbucks location sport a new look within the next few years.