From coast to coast, Canada has some pretty cool cities, parks, provinces and territories – but there’s none quite like the Yukon.

With a rich living history, unique geography and unbeatable views, there’s magic and community in the air and in Watson Lake, you can feel it all around you.

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While this town is small, it’s been visited by people from all over the world many of whom have come to contribute to their Sign Post Forest, a colourful tourist attraction established over 80 years ago.

Whether it be a license plate, laminated page, or a handmade plaque, this place has been decorated by nearly 100,000 signs from Germany to Ohio, according to Travel Yukon. 

The result? A maze created by the hands of people all over the globe, but how did this tradition start?

“Private Carl Lindley, of Company D, 341st Army of Engineers, was injured while working on the Alaska Highway near Lower Post, B.C. He was taken to recover at an aid station in what is now Watson Lake, a few miles over the border into the Yukon,” Travel Yukon, writes.

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“Lindley was given light work duty repairing and repainting directional posts. Of his own accord, he added one for Danville, Illinois, where he was from.”

Since then, it’s become a must-see, second only to the Northern Lights which are often seen in the area after it gets dark.

If you’d like to check it out or put up your own sign, visitors are able to bring their own or make one at the interpretive centre which is open daily between mid-May and mid-September between 8 am and 8 pm.

It’s quite the sight, so add this one to your hit list and enjoy!

Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon

Where: Mile 635, Alaska Hwy, Watson Lake, YT, Canada