Incoming magic, Canada! Known for its bold, bright streaks, the Geminids meteor shower will peak again next month and is not one to be missed.

Described as “one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers,” by NASA, this spectacular display is active until December 24th, 2023 – but is predicted to peak on the 14th.

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According to EarthSky, the meteors are “plentiful” and can be seen in both hemispheres – however, it favours the Northern sky.

For the best view, point your eye to the Gemini constellation and wait until it’s at its highest point. This will happen around 2 am local time and – on the big day will not be obstructed by the light of the moon.

“In 2023, a young waxing crescent moon will not interfere with viewing the meteor shower.” EarthSky writes.

As always, light pollution will be the stargazer’s nemesis, so if you’re in a major city, we’d recommend getting out of town or (if you’re lucky enough to live near one) checking out a Dark Sky Preserve to best enjoy the Geminids meteor shower. You could see 120 meteors – or more – per hour! 

Don’t forget snacks, blankets and a buddy, Canada.

You’re in for quite the show.