We may not have flying cars or hyperloop portals in 2022, but at least we have drug store vending machines. Shoppers Drug Mart now has several vending machines at GO stations in Toronto and the GTA, selling all kinds of everyday essentials you might need on your commute.

Some of the products you can buy include over-the-counter drugs like pain relief medication, beauty items, toiletries, and seasonal items such as sunscreen and umbrellas, according to Metrolinx.

The touchscreen on the right lets you browse and select your products, and then you can tap your card to pay.

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shoppers vending machine
Photo via Metrolinx

You’ll find them at the Union Station Bus Terminal, in Burlington GO Station on the west end of the south building, and at Oshawa GO Station.

The prices of the items are the same as what you’d pay at regular stores.

One person even posted a video on YouTube of the vending machines in action.

So the next time you’re waiting for your train into the city, you can get some of your drug store shopping out of the way. Pretty convenient!