A unique outdoor destination by the water is finally opening. Toronto’s Love Park will welcome the public this Friday at the southern end of York Street and Queen’s Quay.

Love Park will hold its grand opening on Friday, June 23rd at 12 PM, with music, free snacks, guest speakers, and an “exciting surprise” for visitors.

The main attraction of this unique new park is the heart-shaped pond in the centre.

The pond is surrounded by walking paths, seating areas, trees, and green hills for people to relax on and enjoy the view.

A mature Northern Catalpa tree stands on its own dedicated island at the centre of the pond as the focal point.

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“A lush urban oasis, the design for Love Park creates a playful and immersive experience secluded from busy downtown life,” says the description.

The space used to be home to a Gardiner off-ramp, but now it serves a whole new purpose.

Love Park is said to be a “deliberate departure from the hard surfaces dominating downtown Toronto,” with tree-lined sidewalks and pathways leading you into the park, “marking the transition into a calm urban refuge.”


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The park will serve an important purpose too. According to Waterfront Toronto, it will reduce the “reduce the urban heat island” that makes the downtown core so unbearably hot in the summer, thanks to all the solar radiation absorbed by buildings and roads.

The park’s “dense vegetation will provide shade, deflect solar radiation, and release moisture into the atmosphere,” says Waterfront Toronto.

Granite pavers will also be installed to deflect heat and provide a refreshing escape from the heat in the summertime.

And the relief will come just in time for the start of the summer, and forecasters say it will be an extra warm season in the city this year.

After years of anticipation, we’re so excited to see this new destination finally take shape!