October is in full swing and fall is supposedly here. Although, as we all know, Seattle has certainly had a warmer than expected entrance into the “colder months”. So let’s take a look at what the Farmers Almanac has to say about the Seattle winter forecast.

The Farmers Almanac overall predicts a nationwide winter thats “wet & mild”, this follows the NWS’ regional outlook which predicted yet another La Niña winter. With that in mind, the Almanac predicts that mid-November and early and late December will be the coldest periods of winter.

If NWS and the Farmers Almanac are correct, this will be the third year of La Niña winter and it turns out that the University of Washington doesn’t think that it will be the last. A recent study from the university has suggested “that climate change is, in the short term, favoring La Niñas.”

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Lead author of the study Robert Jnglin Wills stated “The Pacific Ocean naturally cycles between El Niño and La Niña conditions, but our work suggests that climate change could currently be weighing the dice toward La Niña… At some point, we expect anthropogenic, or human-caused, influences to reverse these trends and give El Niño the upper hand.”

So it looks like La Niña is here to stay. The good news is that “slightly below-normal precipitation and snowfall” is predicted for the Pacific Northwest region. Strangely enough, the almanac believe the snowiest period for the PNW will be in mid-November. When it comes to snow, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that we don’t have a repeat of last winter.

With that, enjoy fall, and soon enough we’ll see what winter has in store.