In the truest Seattle fashion, our winter forecast is already getting a bit of a shake-up. So much for wet and mild because according to the Weather Network, we have snow coming our way. Let’s see just how much and what you can expect.

Now right off the bat, don’t get too worried, this isn’t looking like 2021’s snowmageddon. It is however looking like light snow in the Cascades, with a winter storm watch being issued for Saturday evening to Monday morning. This shouldn’t affect Seattle, however, it will likely make travel through the passes difficult.

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With all this in mind, Seattle is actually expected to get some snow, according to the Weather Network.

This weekend, temperatures will remain in the mid to high 40s but will drop to the low 40s early next week. Snow is expected on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, mainly as snow-rain flurries. The maximum amount expect is 0.5 inches.

Photo via The Weather Network

So it probably won’t be a snow day, city bus sliding down the hill kind of snow, but rather a taste into what this winter may have to offer us. With that, enjoy the snow!