We have officially made it to Christmas week. Saint Nick is just a few days away from bringing presents to everyone and that means it’s time to see what kind of weather he’ll be facing. While Seattle’s weather is a bit of a wild card, it doesn’t hurt to check out what’s in store. Here’s an updated look at the Seattle Christmas weather forecast.

As we’ve seen in recent days, our overall winter forecast prediction of “wet and mild” has been a little more than what we’ve all bargained for.

Now it’s looking like the Christmas weather forecast is actually evening back out.

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The Old Farmers Almanac has released its long-range weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest and while the most common weather theme throughout the month is rain, there is a chance of snow.

seattle christmas weather forecast
Photo via Farmer’s Almanac

From the 21st to the 31st of December, the Almanac predicts a chance of snow.

What’s more, NOAA’s Climate normals are indeed predicting a white Christmas for the Puget Sound area. That being said, it’s a 10-25% chance of 1 or more inches of snow, but we’ll take it!

Photo via Farmers Almanac

Both the Almanac and National Weather Service are predicting an average temperature in the mid 40’s on Christmas Day in Seattle.

So we’ll keep our fingers crossed for at least a little snow on Christmas Day. Until then, happy holidays!