If you or someone you know is looking for a summer job you might as well check out what Seattle Parks and Recreation has to offer. They’re gearing up for a great summer and are looking for seasonal staff to fill a variety of positions. You’ll get to help welcome Seattleites back to the outdoors after the pandemic. And that sounds pretty great if you ask us.

You’ll get to enjoy the outdoors while getting paid. And there aren’t too many jobs in the city where you can do that. Some of the currently available positions include jobs like Boat Ramp Staff, Day Camp Counselor, Laborer, Park Ambassador, and more! The jobs all pay pretty well with hourly wages ranging from $16.88-$25.83 depending on the position.

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Some jobs require you to have things like a high school diploma or driver’s license. But both of those requirements are pretty routine these days. And we recommend applying as soon as possible because many of the jobs are starting now.

If you’d like to learn more about Seattle Parks and Recreation or check out the listings you can click here. We hope that this helps some of you out or that you can share it with someone who can use the info. With that, have a great week!