We know that a lot of you are looking to get out of the city and enjoy a hike. But we also know that not all of you have access to a vehicle. And that’s why you should know about Trailhead Direct, a service that is working to expand access to hiking destinations along I-90. What’s best of all is that it’s returning this summer.

Trailhead Direct not only expands access to hiking and to the outdoors but also helps to ease road congestion. Because it’s a shuttle service it reduces the number of cars on the roads and at trailheads. At the same time, it increases the number of people who are able to experience the amazing trails our state has to offer.

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For the 2021 season, you will be able to shuttle to the Issaquah Alps and Mount Si with starting locations at various transit centers and bus stops. Shuttles will come every 20-30 minutes depending on the hike. But it’s important to note that the shuttle only runs on weekends and designated holidays between June 5th and September 26th. That being said, you have plenty of time to check out this service.

You’ll also have to pay a very small fee of $1.50-$2.75 to use the service. But when you think about it that’s cheaper than gas for the drive so it’s well worth it. We hope that you guys check out Trailhead Direct this summer and if you do, let us know!