Dang, it’s been a big past few weeks for Seattle rankings! It looks like we’re not quite out of the woods yet because Seattle just got ranked as one of the best places to take a ‘vaxcation’. Never heard that term? Don’t worry, we didn’t know it either. But basically, a vaxcation is a vacation for those who are COVID-19 vaccinated.

LawnStarter took a look at the 200 biggest US cities and made their ranking based on 30 indicators. Some of those indicators include things like most attractions, vaccination rate, walk score, and more. Considering that King County is the most vaccinated place in the country, things are already looking pretty good for us.

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Photo via LawnStarter

In order, the rankings were San Francisco, Portland, Providence (RI), Garden Grove, Washington (DC), Honolulu, Jersey City, Seattle, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. If you ask us, #8 isn’t too shabby but we’re surprised to be beaten by places like Garden Grove and Providence. That being said, maybe it’s time we go for a little trip.

Now we also thought we’d take a little stroll to the end of the list and it looks like some of those smaller places in Nevada and Texas aren’t exactly the place to be at the moment. But is that really all that surprising? Anyway, if you’d like to see the full data and more you can click here.