You may or may not have heard but it looks like Seattle is going to get a little bit toasty this weekend. The National Weather Service has handed out an excessive heat watch for pretty much all of Washington. But what’s really crazy about this is that we might break some all-time heat records.

The watch is in effect from Friday through to Monday afternoon. And let us tell you, the projected temperatures are nothing to mess around with. Because this weekend we could see temperatures up to 100 degrees. Yikes! For context, the normal temps this time of year average at around 70 degrees.

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You can do the math but that’s 30 degrees hotter than normal. And while we are all definitely in need of some extra sun it’s going to be a bit much for all of us. So this weekend is definitely going to be the time to lay low, relax if you can, and maybe even try to jump in the lake or sound. On that note, be sure to monitor yourself for heat-related sicknesses.

Of course, stay hydrated and be sure to bust out that SPF, have some fun, and stay safe. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.